The LG F4J5QN3W front-loading washing machine will comfortably meet the washing needs of an entire family. It has a smart character to always find new programs to take care of your clothes but also a large capacity of 7 kilos, to fit all the clothes in the house. Of course, in case you forget to put on some clothes, don’t worry. Click the Add Clothes button, open the door and add whatever you need.


This way you will not have to do a second wash with the forgotten ones, thus saving both energy and water. However, the LG washing machine is designed to consume as little energy as possible, which can be seen from the energy class A +++ -30%. That is, it saves 30% more energy compared to the top energy class.


Thanks to 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, it can move the bucket in multiple directions. This results in perfect care of the clothes and their effective cleaning. Also, the Inverter Direct Drive motor offers top reliability while at the same time being really quiet. After all, the top reliability is confirmed by the 10-year warranty that accompanies the engine and its components. In addition, the LG washing machine offers the possibility of wireless connection to the smartphone both to download programs and to use the Smart Diagnosis function, which detects any small problems.



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